Thursday, January 20, 2011

ARIELY Dan, BROWN Tim, CAPPELLI Peter, DAVENPORT Thomas H., DUFLO Esther, FERNANDEZ-ARAOZ Claudio, GOVINDARAJAN Vijay, GRATTON Lynda, HACKMAN J. Richard, IBARRA Herminia, KEDROSKY Paul, LAFLEY A. G., LI Charlene, MA Jack, MANZONI Jean-François, PINK Daniel H., PORTER Michael E., SCHEIN Edgar H.;,SCHMIDT Eric, SCHWAB Klaus, SHIRKY Clay, STIGLITZ Joseph E., SUTTON Robert I., TYSON Laura D.
The HBR Agenda 2011: Finding hard Ways to Measure "Soft" Leadership Harvard Business Review 89, 1-2 (2011) 47-59

HBR asked top management thinkers to share what they were resolved to accomplish in 2011. Here are their answers: Joseph E. Stiglitz will be crafting a new postcrisis paradigm for macroeconomics whereby rational individuals interact with imperfect and asymmetric information. Herminia Ibarra will be looking for hard evidence of how "soft" leadership creates value[...]