Friday, July 22, 2011

MANZONI Jean-François, STREBEL Paul, BARSOUX Jean-Louis
Widening the Lens: The Challenges of Leveraging Boardroom Diversity Rotman Magazine/Harvard Business Review (2011) 64-69
Nominated for AESC 2011 Award for Research on Leadership and Corporate Governance

Having spent the past five years working closely with the boards of some of the world’s leading organizations, we have come to a simple conclusion: boards need to become more diverse – not just demographically, but also in terms of the backgrounds, competencies and interests of their members. Of course, we aren’t alone in this belief; the recent financial crisis only highlighted the demand for greater board diversity. The breakdown in risk management at UBS – the biggest European victim of the credit crisis –provides a dramatic illustration that it is no longer sufficient to have a board of respected (or even admired) generalists.