Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sumantra's Challenge: Publish a Theory-testing Case Study in a Top Journal in  Rethinking the Case Study in International Business and Management Research, Rebecca Piekkari, Catherine Welch (Eds.), Edward Elgar (2011) 107-123

This chapter reports the highlights of a fifteen year journey during which we tested a theory with a single case study (N=1) and published the ensuing report in the Strategic Management Journal. It all began in 1990, during the exciting early days of the INSEAD Ph.D. program, in a Ph.D. seminar on Advanced Research Methods. In the end we’ve found a way to test theory with a single case study . . . and we published it in issue 27 of the Strategic Management Journal, pages 937-957, 2006. So this chapter is about the road that started in Fontainebleau, during Sumantra’s research’s method seminar, and abutted in SMJ. We’ve learned a lot, about what it means to be a scholar, about our own academic values, and especially about what it takes to test theory with a case study.