Wednesday, November 16, 2011

VEROL Marcus, CAMPOS FILHO Luiz Alberto, CASANOVA Lourdes
Marcopolo: The Making of a Global Latina
© 2011 INSEAD Case Study

This case analyzes the internationalization process of Marcopolo, the leading manufacturer of buses in Brazil, tracking the company's international development and its approach to global growth. In the process it signs various strategic alliances with local partners in the different countries it tries to enter. After a few setbacks, some due to the global financial crisis, the company questions if the process was the correct one and what to do next.
Pedagogical Objectives: The case provides a unique perspective on the following issues: 1) Evaluation of an internationalization strategy with a focus on the automotive industry, in particular bus manufacturing. 2) Marcopolo's model for building a global company. 3) How to survive and expand internationally in a crisis setting. 4) Analysis of the bus industry in Brazil and Latin America.