Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KETS DE VRIES Manfred F. R., KOROTOV Konstantin
Transformational Leadership Development Programs: Creating Long-term Sustainable Change in The Handbook for Teaching Leadership: Knowing, Doing, and Being Scott Snook, Rakesh Khurana, Nitin Nohria (Eds.) Sage (2012)

Leadership development is not a quick fix. Although many people (including those entering leadership development programs) are impatient for results to materialize, quick-fix solutions put unrealistic expectations on everyone. Gimmicky programs promising supposedly instant results are not what leadership development is all about. In our experience, such programs rarely produce lasting results. Like it or not, developing leaders takes time—it can’t be done overnight. Ironically, although leadership problems may take time to emerge, when it comes to finding solutions many people in the talent development business lose patience. They prefer instant answers and want instant change. But knowing what we know about human development, we should understand that people need time to evolve. Educating leaders is not something that can be achieved by a single event. It is a process.