Monday, February 6, 2012

MANZONI Jean-François
Building and Nurturing a High Performance-High Integrity Corporate Culture in Performance Measurement and Management Control: Advancing Global Practice , Marc J. Epstein, Jean-Francois Manzoni and Antonio Davila (Eds.), Emerald Publishing (Forthcoming)

This chapter reviews the challenges faced by top management teams as they strive to create corporate cultures marrying a healthy search for performance with a strong sense of integrity. I present and discuss two major types of ethical breakdowns. In some cases, individuals know what they should do – or not to do – but choose nonetheless to follow the unethical path, a decision that they then need to rationalize and which often places them on a slippery slope. More frequently, individuals will not even realize that they are making an inappropriate decision, as they fall prey to ethical fading or to any of a variety of cognitive biases. I review possible interventions to improve the situation, including some well-intentioned but counter-intuitively dysfunctional approaches. I conclude with a few implications for practice and for educators.