Monday, June 11, 2012

YOON Carolyn, GONZALEZ Richard, BECHARA Antoine, BERNS Gregory S., DAGHER Alain, DUBE Laurette, HUETTEL Scott, KABLE Joe, LIBERZON Israel, PLASSMANN Hilke, SMIDTS Ale, SPENCE Charles
Decision Neuroscience and Consumer Decision Making Marketing Letters 23, 2 (2012) 473-485

This article proposes that neuroscience can shape future theory and models in consumer decision making and suggests ways that neuroscience methods can be used in decision-making research. The article argues that neuroscience facilitates better theory development and empirical testing by considering the physiological context and the role of constructs such as hunger, stress, and social influence on consumer choice and preferences. Neuroscience can also provide new explanations.