Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Policy Innovations: Towards an Analytic Framework Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (2013)

This paper argues that innovation in public policy arises within the general frameworks of public policymaking and implementation. Therefore, policy innovations can only be studied and understood in the context of public policy and public sector environments at large. To date, frameworks to analyse policy innovations in terms of type, scale and aim have been lacking. Accordingly, this paper uses two public policy analytic frameworks, namely those developed by McConnell (2010) and Matland (1995), to create an integrated policy innovation analysis framework. The paper then makes use of four high profile cases of public policies to operationalise the typology scheme seeking to achieve two things; a methodological verification of the usefulness of the mapping scheme as an analytic tool and how it may be used to generate and structure cross-case learning in the domain of policy innovation.