Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Private Sector Ties between Latin America and Europe in Mercosur: European Union Dialogue

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Brazilian Government (2013)

There is a long history of successful partnerships between the European Union and the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) regions, which started more than 500 years. Since the colonial era, private firms have exploited the mutual commercial synergies of these two regions. These economic bonds were strengthened and facilitated by close cooperation on the social and political arenas. For example, many of the leaders of the independence movements in Latin America went to France to study the principles of the French revolution. There have also been significant migrations of populations in both directions. Latin American Napoleon Civic Code comes from France and is more familiar to European firms than the British Common Law system followed in United States of America and many parts of Asia. Both sides of the Atlantic view each other as their ‘natural market’. This common view should be leveraged and concrete measures should be taken to further enhance bi-regional partnerships in a moment in which Europe is looking for different ways out of the crisis.