Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Board Process Simulation (parts A and B)

SHEKSHNIA Stanislav 
©2013 INSEAD Case Study

The case offers a role-play simulation in which a team of up to 13 participants acts as a board of directors of a privately-owned national energy company. The board has to make decisions about 1) a foreign-country acquisition proposed by management, 2) a change in executive compensation. It consists of 3 types of directors - affiliated directors representing the mother company, executive directors, and independent directors. Four sub-committees convene before the board meeting to discuss the issues on the agenda and make their recommendations.

Pedagogical Objectives: - To experience the dynamics of a board of directors - To understand the systemic nature of boards and board-management interaction - To learn multi-lens and cross-functional approaches to decision making - To learn to collaborate with people with different backgrounds and agendas - To practice the roles of an effective director: expert, strategist, team player, mentor, owner, facilitator - To assess the personal motivation and skill required to become an effective board member