Monday, June 3, 2013

Oxipouco – An Endangered Species Resource Negotiation (parts A & B): SuperPharma - Confidential Instructions

FALCAO Horacio 
©2013 INSEAD Case Study
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This two-party negotiation is an ideal introductory negotiation role-play to raise issues of assumptions, win-win/win-lose, competition/collaboration, interests/positions, single-/multi-issue, positions/options. Two companies, SuperPharma and PharmaCaring, both want to buy 10,000 rare Oxipouco fruits, which contain different compounds. Students tend to focus on the fruits rather than on the compounds.

Pedagogical Objectives: 1. Win-lose vs. win-win assumptions (or zero-sum vs. positive sum or integrative vs. distributive or competition vs. collaboration) 2. Interests vs. position 3. Single-issue vs. multi-issue negotiations (options) 4. Communication/preparation vs information asymmetry 5. Risk/reward analysis