Thursday, June 27, 2013

Network Advantage: How to Unlock Information, Cooperation, and Power in your Alliance Portfolio

GREVE Henrich, ROWLEY Timothy J., SHIPILOV Andrew V.
Access the publisher's website Jossey-Bass (2014) 320 p.

Companies made more than 42,000 alliances over the past decade worldwide, many of which failed to deliver strong results.  This book explains why and how you can seize the benefits from your business’s network of alliances with customers, suppliers and competitors. 
This network can provide three key advantages:
·         superior information
·         better cooperation
·         increased power 
Network Advantage shows how awareness of these three advantages can help align your portfolio of alliances with your corporate strategy to maximize advantages from existing networks and to position your business as an industry leader.
This book is written by three leading authorities in the field of organizational management who work with many international corporate clients. Based on groundbreaking research and illustrative cases, it provides practical tools to help you think strategically about reconfiguring your alliances and partnerships. For business executives, consultants, and executive MBAs who want to get the most advantage from the combined power of their alliance portfolios, Network Advantage offers in-depth, practical guidance. Make it your first strategic connection to gaining competitive advantage!