Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Sourcing Hub and Upstream Supplier Networks

Access the publisher's website Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 16, 2 (2014) 238-250

In this paper, we explore how firms can manage their sourcing better by developing relationships not only with their suppliers but also with their suppliers' suppliers. We detail an empirical case study explaining how the firm developed relationships with its suppliers and raw material suppliers via a collaborative center, the sourcing hub. We then analytically model the scenarios encountered in our empirical work, and examine two facets of upstream sourcing under uncertain demand scenarios: (a) firms can supply raw material directly to their suppliers, and this may be beneficial for the firm and its suppliers, (2) firms can bring their suppliers together at the sourcing hub, and the resulting cooperation between suppliers is beneficial for the suppliers and the raw material suppliers. Overall, our work explores the market and economic conditions under which active management of upstream sourcing can add value to supply chains.