Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Towards a Strategic Multiplexity Perspective on Inter-firm Networks

SHIPILOV Andrew, LI Stan Xiao
Access the publisher's website in Research in the Sociology of Organizations Vol. 40, Brass D., Labianca, J., Mehra A., Halgin D., Borgatti S. (Eds), Emerald Publishing Ltd. (2014) 95-109

Organizations are embedded in multiple interdependent networks comprising different types of relationships, which are managed by different functional units inside each organization. We define tie transfer across networks as the influence of relationships in one network on relationships in another. We argue that the probability of tie transfer will depend on the differences in context in which relationships are formed in two networks, on the past dynamics of relationships in a network into which the tie transfer takes place and on the relative salience of different networks. Our paper develops these conjectures into a relational multiplexity perspective.