Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mindful Leadership Coaching: Journeys into the Interior

Access the publisher's website Palgrave (2014) 248 p.

An inclusive, networking-oriented culture is key to an organization's success. Effective leaders must understand the demands of a diverse workforce, and appreciate the effect this has on wider organizational dynamics, such as strategy, productivity, market penetration, customer service, recruitment costs, and turnover.

World-renowned coaching expert and bestselling author Manfred Kets de Vries draws on his extensive experience in group leadership coaching to provide an in-depth look at the coaching process, considering the diversity of both individual and organizational learning through the lens of psychodynamic mindfulness.

Kets de Vries advises on how the best leadership coaches help their executive clients create the tipping points that lead to significant personal and professional change and explains the innovative tools he has devised to support this intervention technique. Including case examples and questionnaires that facilitate a deep understanding of the psychodynamics of personal and organizational change, this book will help coaches and executives transform attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.