Friday, February 28, 2014

2nd Blue Ocean Strategy Visualizer App: Buyer Utility Map

2nd Blue Ocean Strategy Visualizer App: Buyer Utility Map
Launched 2013, 4th quarter

The Buyer Utility Map is a perfect companion tool for analyzing the buyer experience and identifying hidden opportunities to create blue oceans. Use it in conjunction with the strategy canvas app to craft winning blue ocean strategies. Created by INSEAD, the Blue Ocean Strategy Buyer Utility Visualizer App for iPad is available free from the iTunes App Store. Android version set to be released 2nd quarter 2014.

Outline your buyer experience cycle
Most industries hold a narrow view of the buyer experience, intently focused on creating utility at a single stage of the buyer’s experience. The buyer utility map allows you to comprehensively analyze the breadth of the buyer experience that can usually be broken down into a cycle of six distinct stages, running sequentially from purchase to disposal. Use the app’s basic cycle or create a custom cycle unique to your offering.

Identify blocks to buyer utility and uncover opportunities for future growth The tool outlines six utility levers you can pull to deliver utility to your buyers at the various stages of the buyer experience cycle. A full range of utility propositions can be identified for a product or service by exploring the 36+ grid spaces on the buyer utility map. Think through the empty spaces on the buyer utility map to identify pain points for buyers and to uncover opportunities that will simultaneously raise buyer utility while reducing your cost structure.

Collaborate to unlock hidden utility for your buyers
The app allows you to instantly share buyer utility maps with your team using email or Dropbox integration feature.