Friday, July 25, 2014

The Family Business Map

BENNEDSEN Morten, FAN Joseph P. H.
The Family Business Map Palgrave (2014) 232 p.

Family businesses across the globe face the same difficulty in planning long-term strategy. Combining the expertise of two consultants and academics from East and West, this book provides an international guide for family businesses, showing how to identify and implement the most effective governance strategies. It encourages business owners to consider their assets and the roadblocks that they may face, so that they will be well-placed to respond to day-to-day governance issues like the structure of corporate and family boards, and once-in-a-lifetime issues like the design of succession model and exit form. Packed with 30 new worldwide cases studies and practitioner interviews, this is the ultimate guide for family businesses who want to achieve long-term success and fulfilment.