Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Handpresso: From an Innovative Idea to an Alliance Portfolio

GREVE Henrich, SOSA Manuel, CARRICK Anne-Marie
©2014 INSEAD Case Study
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It describes the development from concept to production of the world's first and smallest hand-held espresso machine. It describes the design process and the how the product is brought to market. The CEO of Nielsen Innovation? Henrik Neilson, decides not to license it as he has with other designs but start a spin-off company for the Handpresso machine. The final chapter finds the team in a quandry. Henrik Neilson’s untimely death leaves his wife at the helm. With two new machines ready for launch within a couple of months, it describes how the product is brought to market through partnerships and alliances. Having made a conscious decision to take this route, an agreement is signed with leading coffee roaster Lavazza, which in turn makes an exclusive agreement with the auto giant Fiat.