Thursday, April 16, 2015

Evaluating Espoused Values: Does Articulating Values Pay Off?

JONSEN Karsten, GALUNIC D. Charles, WEEKS John R., BRAGA Tania
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European Management Journal (forthcoming)

Many corporations these days publish and talk about their values, believing these values, and their culture more generally, to be critical to their success. This study illuminates the phenomenon of values articulation and examines the link between these espoused values and financial performance. By examining the values posted by Fortune 100 companies on their websites, we analyse the performance implications associated with the espousal of (certain) values, number of values and their stability or change over time. Drawing on this analysis and previous studies on values, espoused values, and underpinning theoretical frameworks, we test hypothesis related to number of espoused values, differentiation and stability over time. We provide interpretations about why it matters not just what companies do but also what they say.