Wednesday, March 16, 2016

“INVOLVE”: The Foundation for Fair Process Leadership Communication

WOODWARD Ian C., MORE Elizabeth A., VAN der HEYDEN Ludo
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INSEAD Working Paper 2016/17/OBH/TOM/EFE

“Fair Process Leadership” (FPL) is an integrative approach to leadership that emphasises high levels of engagement and transparency with stakeholders, as well as objective evaluation of both outcomes and process.
Research shows the presence of FPL generates trust, and leads to effective collaboration and collective commitment, both critical features for team and organisational performance. However, research has not thoroughly explored how FPL principles can be implemented systematically and practically in the workplace context, particularly in larger organisational settings. This paper presents the effective communication approaches and practices that are fundamental to deploying fair process leadership in organisational contexts. In this regard, our discussion reviews the research literature in the areas of fair process leadership; procedural and interactional justice; organisational communication; and leadership communication. Integrating these concepts and theories, the paper proposes a toolkit (INVOLVE) for effective fair process leadership communication “in action” – identifying a core principle and three crucial communication practices for leaders or organisations eager to instil fair process in their communication activities and beyond, in their culture. The paper also highlights implications for future research and development in this area.