Friday, April 8, 2016

Branding in an Emerging Market: Strategies for Sustaining Market Dominance of the Largest Apparel Brand in India

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This case illustrates the key issues and challenges in creating and sustaining a successful brand in emerging markets. Peter England, India’s largest apparel brand by sales volume, is struggling to formulate a strategy to sustain the brand’s market dominance. Indian consumer tastes are changing rapidly, making it difficult for any brand to stay relevant and fashionable over time. Meanwhile, other domestic brands and foreign players are expanding rapidly, aiming to dethrone Peter England as the market leader. To sustain the brand’s dominance, the executive team has to dissect the forces shaping the market and develop a new positioning for the brand, a robust platform that can accommodate its broad portfolio of products and sub-brands. The executive team also has to develop an implementation plan for the brand positioning, entailing product development, advertising, promotions, pricing and distribution.