Monday, February 28, 2011

COOL Karel, ANGOULVANT Christophe, De CLARA Laurent
Axa and the Non-Life Insurance Industry in Europe in 2010
© 2011 INSEAD Case Study

The case describes the challenges of AXA in the non-life insurance industry in Europe in 2010 in the wake of the global economic crisis. It provides an overview of the non-life insurance industry, describes the new competitive landscape with the many new arrivals such as Admiral, and the challenges and opportunities created by the internet for established players and new entrants. The case chronicles the growth and actions of AXA, and the strategic issues that CEO de Castries must address in his third mandate at the helm of AXA.

Pedagogical Objectives: The case is a "general competitive strategy" case that allows students to make a complete and detailed strategy analysis, including a study of market (segmentation) dynamics, industry and supply chain economics, option analysis, financial analysis and strategy formulation. The insurance setting allows students to apply the strategy models to a "financial services" setting. There is a particular focus on the economics of the insurance industry, supply chain dynamics and vertical integration.