Thursday, July 5, 2012

DUTTA Soumitra
The Global Innovation Index 2012: Stronger Innovation Linkages for Global Growth

In recent months, policy discussions about how to reignite confidence in the world economy have questioned the focus on austerity measures. The economic policy debate is placing renewed emphasis on achieving an appropriate policy mix that fosters growth and employment while promoting sustainable public finances. Policies to promote innovation should feature prominently in these discussions—even if innovation cannot cure the most immediate financial difficulties, it is a crucial element of sustainable growth. Future generations will ask whether the stimulus programmes of 2009 and any upcoming initiatives successfully married short-term demand stimulus with longer-lasting growth objectives. They will also ask whether policy makers seized the opportunity presented by the current crisis to put forward-looking measures in place to lay the foundations for future prosperity. Finally, they will judge whether firms and other innovation actors invested appropriately in the future, and attempt to determine why some emerged from the crisis more strongly than others. To support this debate, metrics are required to assess innovation and related policy performance. In this light, we are pleased to present the 2012 edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII). The GII helps to create an environment in which innovation factors are under continual evaluation, and it provides a key tool for refining innovation policies.