Wednesday, November 7, 2012

FANG Lily Hua, IVASHINA Victoria, LERNER Josh
The Disintermediation of Financial Markets: Direct Investing in Private Equity
INSEAD Working Paper 2012/109/FIN

One of the important issues in corporate finance is the role of financial intermediaries. In the private equity setting, institutional investors are increasingly eschewing intermediaries in favor of direct investments. To understand the trade-offs at work in this setting, we compiled proprietary dataset of direct investments from seven large institutional investors. We find that solo investments by institutions outperform co-investments and a wide-range of benchmarks for traditional private equity partnership investments. We also find that the outperformance is driven by deals where informational problems are not too great, such as more proximate transactions to the investor and later-stage deals, and by an ability to avoid the deleterious effects on returns often seen in periods with large inflows into the private equity market.