Thursday, December 20, 2012

COOL Karel, CHEN Wei-Ru, DE CLARA Laurent, CHEN Rika Lijia
GiTi Tire and the Global Tire Industry in 2011
©2012 INSEAD Case Study

The "Michelin and the Global Tire Industry in 2011" case series focuses on the strategic challenges Michelin faces as it seeks to regain global leadership in the tire industry. Following a description of the global industry dynamics, the segmentation of the tire markets and the economics of the industry, the case reviews the competitive position of the key competitors. Michelin’s challenges in China are getting particular attention. The case on GiTi briefly reviews the company history, its current strategy and results.
Pedagogical Objectives: The case series allows a discussion of the drivers of industry globalization and the development of competitive advantage and strategy in a global setting. It is focused on a leader, Michelin, which has been very successful but is now bypassed by a new leader, Bridgestone, and faces new challengers such as Hankook. The case series allows an in-depth analysis of globalization of markets and global competition, the strategy models of the new competitiors and the strategic challenges Western companies face to maintain their prominence and performance.