Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Efficiency Isn’t Booming [Book Review]

AYRES Robert U.
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The Electricity Journal 26, 8 (2013) 154-155

This is large book, from a consultant and Electricity Journal contributor runs to over 600 pages and contains a wealth of valuable information, even if its title is slightly misleading: it's mostly about the electrical power industry, not the economy as a whole. Among the topics that are thoroughly covered here are existing efficiency programs in the U.S. and in Asia, the “efficiency gap,” the electricity pricing problem, dynamic price-responsive demand (PRD), and what else may be done to decouple revenue from demand. I found the chapters on utility business models and theoretical dynamic pricing schemes (not yet implemented) particularly fascinating. For readers of The Electricity Journal who’re interested in such issues, and particularly utility regulation or utility financing, the overall coverage is excellent. Indeed, many of the articles contain new and important ideas.