Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Healthy Oils India: Cooking Up a Success in the Indian Edible Oils Market

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Healthy Oils, the Indian subsidiary of a Fortune 500 subsidiary, has four offerings in the edible oil market – Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Omega. While these are recognized by consumers of cooking oil, they are not among the top five in terms of brand awareness, nor are they the top choice in the most-often-used category, except for Beta in the groundnut category. Having spent a considerable amount over the past six years to acquire a suite of edible oils from other market players, the multi-brand strategy being to move from a bulk business to a consumer-facing retail business, Healthy Oils’ products remain second-tier offerings (in terms of consumer preferences) compared to Marico’s Saffola brand, Adani-Wilmar’s Fortune brand, and Agro Tech Foods’ Sundrop brand, the market leaders. With an all-important 2012 Executive Committee meeting on the horizon, the chief marketing officer must come up with a new plan of attack.